Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boom Gates closing time

Dear Neighbour Friends:

Re: Boom Gates closing time

THANK YOU for your cooperation & support.

We are now entering to the 2nd month of our Security Project. We are pleased to announce that comparing to the month of May (Table 1 below), we have "ZERO" crime case in the month of June; however attempt cases have occurred (Table 2 below) & the Security Guards on duty has done their job successfully.

The installation of fencing in our community has been completed and the fixing of Boom Gate will be done very soon. In order to further enhance the effectiveness of the security in our community, we wish to inform that the Boom Gate will be pulled down & the entrance of Jalan 1/1 will be closed from 11.00pm till 6.00am daily. Both Boom Gates of Jalan 1/3 will also be down at the same time; however there will be a Security Guard station at the booth. They will check & verify to ensure that vehicles driving in to our residence area during mid night; are with residence security stickers or are the non-members residing in our area.The above will take effect from 11 July 2010 (Sunday). Thank You !

If you or your neighbours who have not join us yet, kindly encourage them to do so. As we all know :
TEAM WORK always Win !

Table 1 :
BREAK IN, SNATCH & CAR STOLEN Cases (before security services) that we are aware!
16/05 @ 8.30 am .. along Jln 1/2B & 1/3
23/05 @ mid night .. No. 2 of Jln 1/1
25/05 @ 11.30 am .. No. 37 of Jln 1/3
28/05 car stolen .. No. 16 of Jln 1/2A

Table 2:
08/06/2010 (2.30 a.m.) Follow thru unknown BMW at 1/2B.

09/06/2010 (2.00p.m.) Unknown motorbike came to our area.

13/06/2010 (4.50a.m.) Mynmar guy walking in our compound.

14/06/2010 (2.30p.m.) 2 Indians in Proton Iswara Car.

Guards have investigated & attended many times to members' house, whenever noticed the house alarm rings OR main gate leaves open.



我们的家园保安计划顺利进入了第二个月。谨此告知, 聘请的保安人员上个月成功的阻止数单“可能“发生的罪案(图表二)。与五月份比较(图表一),我们达到了“零罪案“的六月份。

同时,我们家园范围的篱笆已经完成。为了能确保保安更加有效,由七月十一日(星期日)开始,1/1路口将会在每天晚上十一点到早上六点之间关闭,栏杆门将会拉下。1/3路口的两个栏杆门也会在同一时间拉下, 不过这里将会有保安人员驻守,以确保午夜驾入本区的车辆是有贴上我们的会员贴纸, 或者是其他居民。谢谢 !




16/05 @ 8.30 am .. along Jln 1/2B & 1/3
23/05 @ mid night .. No. 2 of Jln 1/1
25/05 @ 11.30 am .. No. 37 of Jln 1/3
28/05 car stolen .. No. 16 of Jln 1/2A

08/06/2010 (2.30 a.m.) 跟踪及询问不明来历的BMW到1/2B,成功阻止可能发生的罪案。

09/06/2010 (2.00p.m.) 检查不明电单车进入我们的范围,并成功阻止可能发生的罪案。

13/06/2010 (4.50a.m.) 发现一名可疑的缅甸籍男子人进入住宅区范围,并驱赶他离开。

14/06/2010 (2.30p.m.) 发现两名乘坐Proton Iswara的可疑印度籍男子,质问并驱赶他们离开。



Richard Er(012-3723123)
Thomas Chang(016-6835931)
Rebecca Theng(012-3012503)
Tay Pheng Teng(012-2033998)
Tan Heng Guan(012-2877288)
Tan Siew Mooi(012-9344988)
May Kok(012-3116339)
Chai Sin Chew(018-2208286)
Narinder Singh(019-3821076)
Siam Chooi Hwa(016-2794167)